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Quebec Winter: Trailer De-icing Tips by MTQ
Par Annie Auclair

In the icy turmoil of the Quebec winter, transportation safety becomes a crucial concern. That is why the Quebec Ministry of Transportation (MTQ) provides specific recommendations for de-icing heavy vehicles, aiming to ensure road safety during the rigorous winter months. These recommendations include effective de-icing techniques in accordance with established safety standards.

Here are some of the techniques advocated by the MTQ:

1. Use of approved de-icers

The MTQ recommends the use of de-icing agents specifically approved for winter conditions in Quebec. These products are formulated for quick ice melting while minimizing environmental risks. It is essential to choose de-icers that comply with current standards and regulations.

2. Preventive pretreatment

Additionally, one of the strategies recommended by the MTQ is to apply de-icers before ice accumulates. Indeed, this preventive pretreatment helps prevent ice formation and facilitates subsequent de-icing. Fleet managers are encouraged to plan these pretreatments based on weather forecasts to maximize their effectiveness.

3. Use of specific equipment

The MTQ recommends the use of specific tools such as scrapers and brushes designed for de-icing heavy vehicle trailers. These tools must be tailored to trailer surfaces, allowing effective de-icing without damaging materials. Fleet managers are encouraged to ensure that these tools are available and in good working condition.

4. Comprehensive trailer coverage

Furthermore, special attention must be given to the complete coverage of the trailer during de-icing. Hard-to-reach corners and crevices should not be neglected. The MTQ emphasizes the importance of comprehensive de-icing to maintain a uniform weight distribution across the entire vehicle, thereby preserving stability during driving.

5. Driver education and training

The Ministry emphasizes the importance of educating and training drivers in de-icing practices. Drivers need to be informed about best practices, the risks associated with neglecting de-icing, and trained in the proper use of de-icing equipment. Increased awareness contributes to more effective implementation in the field.

In conclusion, by following these techniques recommended by the MTQ, transportation companies can not only comply with current regulations but also significantly contribute to winter road safety. Collaboration between the Ministry of Transportation and stakeholders in the transportation sector is essential to ensure de-icing practices conform to the strictest standards, thereby ensuring everyone’s safety on Quebec roads during the winter season.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your dedicated transportation insurance broker for further details and assistance.

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